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Patty has performed as a vocalist since the tender age of 3, and professionally since the age of 16.  She  has performed in several bands, including in New Mexico, Mexico, Phoenix, and Tucson and in several genres, including Rock 'n' Roll, Country, Jazz, Tejano, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, and Mariachi.

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David started his musical journey at age 8 taking piano lessons. He later took up the baritone and trumpet in his school’s marching band. David grew up listening to a wide variety of music in his early years. When he saw the Beatles performing on the Ed Sullivan Show, he decided to make the guitar his primary instrument. After serving in the US Army, David spent several years touring North America with The Risky Business Band and Boot Heel Express. He settled in SE Minnesota before retiring and relocating to his ranch just NW of Tucson, AZ. His musical influences include Eric Clapton, George Harrison, James Burton and Albert Lee.

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Lew switched from the trombone to strings while in Virginia Beach and learned bass listening to the likes of Enwistle, Jones, McCartney, Dunn and Jameson. After playing in bands such as the Aliens, the Undertakers and Mason, he moved to London and took up with the lads in his American high school.  Upon moving back he toured the East coast with the Electras before moving on to jobs and bands in  Philly, Connecticut and Houston. And now, Tucson. 

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Jason comes to us from Southern California.  He is a professional drummer of 25 years, experienced as a recording session player for TV and film.  Jason appreciates the finer things in life like cats, semicolons, and Oxford commas.

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Marc's musical journey has spanned for almost 60 years. Originally from New York, he was raised in the Southern California music scene that eventually led to large venues. Marc toured and  performed in concerts, festival events, television appearances, commercial documentary, and independent film music scores as a studio demo session recording artist. He has recorded in and out of the U.S., working and collaborating with name artist projects from rock to country, including with a variety of popular working bands, while consistently playing to growing audiences throughout the U.S. From 2015-2019, Marc was recruited as keyboard player for Moonridge, a popular country band known well throughout California, winning first place 2 years in a row in the Ventura County California Music Awards. In 2020 Marc relocated to Tucson and has continued to perform for audiences in and around the Arizona music scene.

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